IG SCRIPT that generated me MILLIONS of dollars (Influencer marketing)

A lot of people asked me what i sent influencers after the first cold email was sent (which redirected everyone to Instagram) Here is what I sent:

“Glad you made it here 😊 Congrats!! Steps:1. Choose any product/s from our new collection and just cover shipping2. Shipping costs from this purchase will be immediately REFUNDED if:- You generate us 1 sale, with your personal code. The reason for shipping is: we take our applications very seriously and need to make sure all team, can promote our brand to their followers!. Send pictures after product arrival. They will be featured on our IG/ website! Make sure they are high quality! After 3 steps are completed, you will receive free products every time we launch new collections (without paying shipping).Free collection link (Do not share this with anyone, it’s exclusively yours). Choose as many items as you wish, shipping charges will change accordingly! Women: Link Men: Link Confirmation needed by the end of today. After completion, send me an email for your personal code and to be added to our Facebook group! 💯💪

The trick wasn’t only free plus shipping. My guarantee was super powerful, i told people that they would get a full refund if they generated one sale with their personal code. As a result, people thought it would be super easy to generate that sale and bought over 100-400 dollars worth of products. But they didn’t realize that the retail prices on my website were super high, therefore I only had to refund around 4 people out of 60k orders.

On those two links, I redirected people to a landing page where all the products were priced at 0, and had around 30 products. I asked my supplier to give me all the fitness products that were priced under 7 dollars. My shipping cost for 1 item was around 13.99 dollars. And people sometimes bought over 18 products thinking they were hacking the system haha

Hope this answers some questions, and happy to help


Very creative haha
Grey hat in white hat world

But you really send them free products from the new collection?

i think it is all about the shiping thing that is not free, and actually get th money like this.