IG shadowbanned , how to get back to normal

I have 2 IG accounts with real followers (40k each)
I get 5 to 20 photo likes on a post…I am shadowbanned on both accounts.

My account could be a source of income but with being shadowbanned its not.

Pls help me…

I havent done anything on both accounts for last 2 months…I think its over.

there is a hardcore method that I’ve tried in the past and it worked but didn’t tested this year so I don’t guarantee for it. So:

  1. Disable your accounts for 72h
  2. Re-enable your accounts
  3. Post by hand a quality image and a cool caption and DON’T use any hashtag
  4. Promote the post with a 3-day campaign with 2$/day (5-6$ totally per campaign)
  5. In the meantime start engaging with your community: followers/followings -> like, comments, like to comments, replies, save posts, archive some old posts. Be as humanly possible. Don’t overdo it. Don’t do more than 100 actions/ day for: likes+follow+unfollows+comments. Increase slowly after you’re unshadowbanned.
  6. Start posting again BUT use low hashtags (1k-5k searches/month). Use 0-5 hashtags per post but increase slowly only after you start to see that you receive impressions from hashtags