IG Stories scrapping

Hey guys,
I try to mass scraping IG user stories with unoficial API. What is the best solution for doing it? Is it possible to use ipv4 proxies or I have to use mobile proxies?
What is the hour/day limit for API calls for one scraper account now?

For use on Jv or another bot?

I am using a script that accesses Instagram’s private API to scrape user accounts in real time. I used cheap data center proxies, but scrapers started dying very fast. Now I am using a mobile proxy and losing about 20 scrapes for 15K requests per day. It looks too expensive to use mobile proxies for a large number of scrapers at the same time.
Are there less expensive alternatives?

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Atm we just use 4g. There are some sites that you can scrape without using scrapers.

Any other details you need or just looking for people with active stories?

You can use parser also

The thing is, I’m just trying to provide an anonymous story viewing service. Using a third party service is not the best option for me. I have to make over 15K requests every day.
Yes, I just get stories from Instagram accounts. I don’t need any additional information or actions.
How many scrapers can you safely run on one 4g proxy?

I can do it for you, got exactly tool which u are looking for.

Hi, can you share more detail With me?

oh well that is what needed