IG story ads for follower growth

Hi, i read that some people are using story ads to grow accounts (target third world countries) or just to promote products and services, so i would really appreciate if someone exprienced with this can share a good course that we can check or write step-by-step guide on how to setup these ads for us who would like to learn more about it and not sure where to start from :slight_smile: I don’t mind to pay aswell, i think this information can help many of us. Thank you

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Stories ads don’t work unless you spend a lot of money. Targeting third world countries it’s completely pointless unless all you care about is just numbers.

Where did you get this from? It’s possible to get link clicks down to $.01 so for $5 are day how can you say 500 country, interest and age targeted profile visits is spending a lot of money?

Exactly, even if it cost more for tier 1 countries traffic as long as its doable there are people and companies who can afford to pay.

I was testing story ads for $1-$2 per day and got clicks for $0.03 in the travel niche. Only tier 1 countries and super simple set up. That’s like 10 cents per follower. Not amazing but it was the first week with broad targeting so could be improved a lot.


You clearly don’t know much about marketing. First the OP asked for growth nor link clicks.
Second if I have an e-commerce why would I care to spend 0.1 usd to show my stories to a bunch of random Indian dudes?

You got clicks or you got followers? :thinking:

A lot of people nowadays are using Instagram story ads for growth to, as at the end of the day as long as you optimise your account a % of those profile visits will convert into followers. For me, it’s usually like 10% of visits return a follower if I’ve optimised everything correctly but that can vary.

For the $0.01 clicks I wasn’t just talking about Indian targeting, I mean tier 1. Every ad has a relevancy score that Facebook gives it so if you make a good enough ad and have a high enough relevancy score, and then cap your bid per click really low, it can work super well.

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I’d really like this to be true. Unfortunately after testing a lot of story ads (I was doing it back in the days when this was a new option so there was much less competition :wink:) I realized that it was a waste of money. Good for you if you think you can gain followers with ads without spending a fortune.

It depends on the scenario. If there is a business that can afford to spend up to $0.50 or so per follower, then it’s fine. As long as there is a demand for targeted growth, it will in-deniably be relevant. More so as Instagram crack down on other growth methods to drive up automation costs and push more people to use ads.


I was one of the first to test the ads because I personally prefer using legit methods for growth. Unfortunately Instagram wants us to pay but the results are not up to the money spent. For this reason I’m still using MP. Because honestly is still working better than giving money to Zuckerberg. Just a simple example. Why they don’t allow people to add a Follow account button when you sponsor an Instagram post? Is not rocket science.

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Blackhat methods and automation gain you mostly bad quality followers that are never good, and now its almost impossible to work and you worry every morning if you will see new wave of blocks. This is not good for anyone. There are companies and people who can afford to pay few dollars per 1 follower because maybe these followers will convert to clients, buy products and services. If you are fashion influencer and want to grow your audience, if ads are too expensive ofc you wont use that, there are better ways to spend money let say pay some online magazines to write about you and this can make you more popular and bring you new followers too. Everything is expensive anyway no more growth for $50 and $100, but whoever want to stay in this niche and business will need to find different clients who have bigger budget and turn to paid ads. I honestly don’t see anything else that will work in long-term.