IG STORY not able to add LINK for SWIPE UP?!

As the title says since I yesterday updated mu IG app I’m not able to add LINK to my STORY for SWIPE UP option.

Does anyone else have the same or similar issues?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Kind Regards


I experienced the same with some of my accounts, over 10k followers and there is no more swipe up link option.
Did you have any AC or AB recently?


Nope, no AC or AB at all on any of this accounts.

There is a option add link, but when I try to add it…it even says that LINK CALL TO ACTION has been added but something happens like some kind of “crash” and it loads STORY from the begging.


Are your accounts touching the api aswell or not? If not for how long already?

Sorry for being offtopic.

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I’m not doing any kind of automatization on these accounts since all this “BLOCK APOCALYPSE” started.

Everything is turned off for months, went back to a fully manual posting on them.

I think it has to do something with an update that I installed last night since I have two other phones and on them, everything works like a charm.


Thank you sir!

I have the same issue. I am using Android phone.


Yeap, same is here…I forgot to mention that I’m using android as well.

Did you recently update your IG app?

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Same here, I’m using android as well. Hope the new bug fix releases immediately.

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check downdetector, many people reporting this issue

instagram cant get their shit working for fcking 24 hours straight. Tragic

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I am having the same issue (where I add the call to option link and it says successfully added but then loops me back to the start where I have to add the picture and the call to action button and so on). Glad I’m not the only one. I tried it on another phone as well and it has the same problem. Hopefully they fix this soon!

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Same exact thing! Super frustrating. Using Android too


I have The Same Issue as when i try to Add Link it crashes and loads the story from beginning


Same for me for over a week and am using an Android also. 13K+ account… :frowning:

hey i am able to do it on my accounst via iphone

Same here, anyone figure out what to do to make it work again?

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Did anyone got this working? same thing is going on with my account, when i add a link it goes right back to the start!!! so frustrating…

Same here! In an account with 30k+ followers and i cant do the swipe up. When I do using my iPad, ALL works fine.



New IG update has been released few hours ago and I update it!

Looks like they have fix it, thank God!

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if its a bug you can go back to previous version you can find it here the site is trusted , been using it years