IG story views leading to inconsistent growth

Hey all - over the last week or two, I’ve noticed that doing story views on IG is leading to inconsistent growth for my clients. Some days the client is +30 and other days the client is -30. I’m wondering if IG is ghosting my clients on random days. In other words, perhaps people are not seeing that my client is viewing their stories, because they are ghosted. OR perhaps IG is just putting our view at the bottom of their stories, and so they don’t really see that we viewed it. OR, maybe IG is just doing a massive purge of accounts that is leading to this up and down cycle…

I appreciate any insight from anyone else also doing IG story views for their clients.

How many story views are you viewing in a day?
In my experience sorry viewing suck when I did like 1000-2000k view a day… I get like 0-1 follower :sweat_smile:

You have to target properly & use good filters, SV gets my cliets 10-30 new follows/day from about 3000 story views, my clients love the lowkey growth

To the OP: I have not noticed the same issues ffrom my clients or heard any feedback from them
If a client is -30 that is usually someone with significant following who just posted & is inconsistent and does not share regularly

During september, there was just 1 day of followers purge from Instagram ends ; 90% of our clients have seen that.

Nothing too bad though, -10 to -200 followers in a day in most cases.

About the SV, it’s like F/U method ; slow growth and not possible to scale, but let’s say it’s a good weapon for XS budget !