Ig tv update is trash

Hi there, Anyone else’s profiles hit with the disgusting new IGTV update. All my videos under 60 seconds are now being set as IGTV videos. Anyone else dealing with this? The crops also make my content look like shit since it zooms in so significantly, anyone know whats happening lol

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My videos are now in a VIDEO tab on the app but so far I have not seen issues with the videos getting zoomed in… or maybe I just used to post all my IG vides on a square format so they stayed the same

I have this problem. Not sure why it went to igtv and the video was zoomed in making texts unreadable by cutting them out.

Since most users are using our software, I will assume that you are using it as well, is the issue happening when posting using Jarvee?

Or are you talking about the Instagram app itself?