IG, Twitter, Reddit automation tool

Hi folks

At the moment I’m using Jarvee for scheduling posts on 1 instagram and 1 twitter account. I don’t use the other Jarvee features at the moment because just of the 2 accounts. I do it manually. I’m also on reddit. But Jarvee doesn’t support reddit. For reddit I found https://cronnit.us/ but its browser based and at the time I’ve to manage 2 tools.

And here is my question; does anybody know if there is a automation tool which can serve together instagram, twitter and reddit just for scheduling posts?

Thank you for your answer.


Thanks for sharing Cronnit, does it only do text posts? I would also love to find a tool for posting content like images to multiple subreddits easily. Any ideas?

jarvee limit account number, you can google for that there r a lot of bots out there like on seoclerks but find the best one is my issue

people actually do reddit automation?