IG update [20 characters]

Oh boy
Are you ready


Tell me your thought about this! Do you see chances? Or?

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To those who are doing dropshipping …
sweet baby jesus

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This was an old post, fyi. I can see the potential once it’s release to the public AND without switching to business profile. It was already running for selected brand advertisers, and it’s not avail for the public paid ads, so you can say it will take a long more time to be useful for any of us (who mostly don’t do paid ads).


Wow… It’s a good way to selling product… people can be easly buy the product… will see it when released to public…

I remember seeing this update when it was announced, was super hyped, and i went to hunt for how to set it up, and then i realize, oh wait … this is IG capitalizing on the paid ads, and i gave up looking forward to it. :laughing:


Yeah I think they creating way to make more money like facebook ads. Make money every single click on the instagram pictures…

Yeah I think it is a good idea. There have been many times when I saw something in an ad that I liked, but it took me a while to find it on the website if I even found it at all. The only thing that I need to see now is how much extra it would cost to have than just a regular ad, and that’s only if it would cost extra.