IG Update? 90% of accounts banned!

What happened? It’s only me? 90% of my accounts got banned today. I see in the niche that also many of accounts were banned.

Don’t know, just started but I can tell you this. Browsed through many accounts and there are way too many where it is obvious the account is used for marketing.

for me it was 5 PV in one week. 2 pass easily 3 instant ban after PV.

then i manage to recover 2 out of 3.

the third was weird,because after i sent the pic with the code i never got any reply from Instagram although i sent 3 emails so far.
i do think they target and then ban specific niche accounts.
this account was a travel account, do you refer to the same niche?

if you goggle this issue you will find other mention of travel accounts being targeted by IG.

Their regular cleaning maybe :slight_smile: IG does this sometimes, I got a lot of PVs today and yesterday, maybe some accounts will get banned after verification. I’ll see after I’m done with it.

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Got a lot of PVs today me too , i didn’t get any the past few days

We had more than 30 PVs over Sunday/Monday which is very high for us.

Nothing for me. I think I got a PV on Saturday but that’s it.

one of the 5 accounts i mention here before get another pv after 1 week. pv’d successfully second time.

i think i start to grasp firm process of how to verify accounts with high rate of success.
i will create different topic about it when i’ll find the time …


What niche?
Also did you have links in your bio?

niche : unknown :slight_smile: big one

no link ,

Got hit with PVs today :frowning:

I’m so looking forward to the topic on your knowledge about this. thanks Issac

Please do check on this case. Are you guys seeing this?