Ig update havoc on scrapers

Ig had a recent update that put all of my scrapers in the vicious captcha cycle of death. Anyone have recommendations for scrapers that were able to weather the update? It seems like most of the ones I’ve purchased have an .ru email which i don’t think ig likes.


Yeah ive been making my own and have had zero issues. Came home and half are dead. Not russian ones either.

Was there an update?

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Everything is soooo much fucked up, I was without having issues like two months and today i went down from 550 Scrapers to 150 Scrapers, i see some patterns. I have a batch which is not dying.

And giving you more info, i had like 6-8 Spam Accounts which i had them totally stopped and today, on the same wave, they received TLs, Email Confirmations, PVs, whatever, problems, but the fact is that these accounts didnt make a simple API Call since 2-3 months ago. I think Instagram is cleaning accounts in general, this wave is not related to Scraping.

Maybe the problem can be on the Account Creation or in Accounts which they are “inactive”, make API Calls but dont have a “normal” behaviour can be the trigger as well.


Yeah. That will drive the prices of scrapers up higher unfortunately. As they will have to be warmed up etc.

Unless we do that ourselves. Before turning them into scrapers. But that’s effort

so they are going for the root :wink:

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Experiencing this too just right now. Im using a real sim to validate them all and all went to 24hrs review. Tried to buy a new sim too and still went to a review. Seems like a wave.

Which batch did no died, did they had anything special to it?

Yes, this would be useful to know. Did you use the same proxy provider on all of your scrapers?

Yeah. These things seem to come in waves. I’m on my third set of scrapers in 48hrs still with no much luck. I’m running them off of a raw mobile proxy so I don’t think the proxy is the issue.

if u login manually every hashtag has this message that pops up saying due to elections they wont show recent hashtags smh…thats dumb af. Elections are damn near over just enable it already.

Im assuming if u have scrapers that dont scrape same ppl that means each account is doing lots of scrolling (api calls) thats causing it . not 100% sure just a guess.

This is just for the USA Accounts,Not all of them.

Sorry for writing here but want to know what you need to scrape from insta exactly because i see everybody have problems with scraping lately.
I have in plan to make service where you use it for scraping without to bother for accounts.
I will do all the work for you.

Just want to gain some info about what people need and are they ready to pay for something like this. :slight_smile:

Ofcourse a lot of them is,depends on what you bring on the table!

People scrape emails,phone,analytics,followers and things like this.

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If i succeed i will put all option for scrape.

What you think about the price, suggestion because i don’t want to be too expensive. :slight_smile:

For example I need usernames for hashtag “influencer” and people that have 1000-20000 followers from those category. And I need this for locations also. If you figure out how to get it working we can talk about the money, just send me the message. I will need like 2000+ people for each hastag and location (for at least 15 hastags and 20-30 locations).

If i succeed to make everything working i will make marketplace thread here for sure :slight_smile:
Now just collecting info what people need to scrape so i can know what option to put and also the price i can offer .

@ICEMAN all what MP offer (that’s what people need to scrape)

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