IG - using a url as a user name on IG?

What are the pros/cons of using your LP url as a user name on IG?

i.e. instead of: cocacola
use: cocacola.com

Pros: whenever people see a post, they will know your LP url, without going to the bio (but they will need to type it, of course).

Cons: ?

I never thought about it :smiley: It could be a good idea if you’re trying to raise brand awareness, but for CPA, I highly doubt someone will type your username (URL) manually without visiting your profile and checking what your actually offer. And while they’re there they can easily click the link in your bio.

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IMO if you want to focus on the brand, you’ll use it without the domain name, cocacola with the .com doesn’t look professional at all :smile:

Also, if they have to type it, forget about doing black hat unless you want to waste time or you have a crazy idea :smirk_cat:

But the idea itself isn’t bad at all :+1: