IG verification/blue badge

customer want IG blue badge.
Has no articles.
The fintess / bodybuilding industry.
Budget $ 5,000-6,000.


You need to have a strong online presence and strong press coverage to be able to get verified.

MP does not offer services for automatic verified/blue badges but you may check out the requirements via https://help.instagram.com/312685272613322 and check out https://help.instagram.com/854227311295302 for the details on who to apply.

You may also want to check this blog article: How to Get Verified on Instagram in 6 Simple Steps

Articles or press release is very important.

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there are users that offres that service and i think the client budgget is good, try to post this on #public-marketplace and see how it goes

we can help if interested!

Steps for IG verification
Get more (real) followers
Be highly-searched for
Apply when your name is in the news