IG won't show me top 9 on hashtags I've won

IG won’t let me check on the hashtags anymore to see if I’ve won the top 9 section. For example, I use #shipworldwide and win it regularly. So I make a post with #shipworldwide wait a couple hours and check on that hashtag to see if I’m in the top 9. Here’s where it gets weird, if I win the hashtag, IG will not show me the top 9 section of that hastag. It goes straight to the most recent posts, no top 9 section.

I checked the # with another acc and a friends phone that had unfollowed me and I show up in top 9 for #shipworldwide no problem.

I check larger #'s that I can’t win and the top 9 section populates normally. It only blocks top 9 if I’m in it…

Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated

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How many posts do you already have in the top 9 for that hashtag?

That particular tag has been used many times so I could be timed out of it but I am still winning it when I check with a diff acc. I just switched my acc back to business. I’m going to give that a couple days and then rest MP for a while to see if that’s part of it. I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this or if there was some more tools that I’m missing, I’m still learning more every day.

I’m experiencing the same thing. The difference for me is, the hashtags I use just don’t allow me to see the top posts regardless. I theoretically should be getting top 9 all the time, and I usually do. However since this happened I don’t as often. It may just be my content I’m not sure. That being said, when I do look at a different account I sometimes see that I am in top posts. It also doesn’t let me see top 9 for hashtags I visit a lot, but don’t use in my posts, such as my personal hashtag.

if you are in top 9 from one posted earlier, the recent one will not show. only one can be on at a time. there also seems to be a bug…if an earlier posted one is in any of top nine from different tags…now and then you can’t see it…or will not go to top 9… might be a bug or simply ghosted temporarily.

I use the same hashtags for my account. This may be part of the issue? However, I still find it odd that they won’t let me view the top 9 for the hashtags I’m using and viewing the most.

It’s also important to not I made top 9 yesterday so maybe that has something to do with it?

you just answered your own question why you are ghosted.

Okay, that makes sense. Now would it be still okay to include some of those hashtags or should I just scrap them all and come back to them at a later date?

just change hashtags…do business as normal…see if that makes a difference. test…test…test.


Good to know. This is similar to what I’m experiencing. I haven’t seen any improvement since switching to a biz acc so I’m going to let my tools sleep for a couple days and see what happens?

I’d like to believe it’s a glitch. It doesn’t seem to be affecting my account really.

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I think tecent changes to IG algorithm - personalization of top 9 section, similar to Youtube…

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but I have witnessed accounts who managed to have at least 2 posts in the top 9. I seen it happened and it wasn’t long ago… so some how it is possible to score more then one post in the top 9 under the same hashtag


I have the same problem. My posts are not showing in the top 9 many times. The problem now is that it looks like hashtags are way less important as they were before. Which is sad, because they were the only free tool to get noticed.

Shame. :frowning: