IG Working on "New Rules" for Banning Accounts

Key Takeaway:
IG is going to change how it determines when an account should be removed from its app. Right now, it relies on a policy that allows “a certain percentage” of violations within a window of time before it decides to ban someone, but Instagram says this can create leniency for users who post often. Basically, the more an account posts, the higher the number of violations they’re allowed.

Apparently, this change is coming “soon”. Any thoughts on this topic? Who’s ready for another ban wave? :sweat:


This seems like more of a copyright violation/offensive content rework which shouldn’t affect the majority of people.

Unless you run some sort of super offensive meme page or have some radical politics you shouldn’t be affected


Seems pretty useless for us lol. Looks like they’re trying to appeal to the conservatives that Twitter target bans, but says they don’t. Won’t effect us or the average user, just those who may be deemed right leaning politically imo.

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the world really needs decentralized social media platforms that no one has absolute authority over. It could be possible through blockchain once the tech matures


There is absolutely no way this is happening anytime in the next decade.

i wouldn’t be too worried

just having a general understanding that the platform will eventually turn into shit is all u need to know.

Expect for the worst!

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