IGblade discontinued - alternatives?

Agency owner here. We currently use IGblade to track clients performance and generate automated growth reports for our clients that get emailed to them each week.

Trying not to panic right now but just went to go and check on some things and I get a screen that just says it’s been discontinued. No warning prior, just came out of nowhere.

In light of this (and I’m aware the community isn’t the same it was so I’m just crossing my fingers here that the right person sees this), what are the best alternatives to IGblade for Instagram, to not only track growth, but also generate automatic email reports?

Would appreciate any responses/suggestions


I also tried it early 2021, and the refresh time rate was too long back in the days. Gave it a shot a few days ago with >250 clients metrics, and it’s quite Okay for the moment, so as an agency you shouldn’t have much issue too.

Some things to improve, especially the refresh time stats, and a few other minor features, but it does the job quite well. If you look for hourly metrics, better building your own bot, as Owlstat will be too slow for that

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Check this thread as well:

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notjustanalytics (previously ninjalitics)

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