IGblade not updating

None of my Igblade (using pro) accounts have been updated in like the last 18 hours or so. Anyone else having this problem?


It’s not updating for myself either. On the free end.

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Also having the same issue

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IG has changed the html selector for followers which leads to IGblade not working anymore. Just wait a bit until they have updated it

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Insta changed data stuff on page. They have to modify to reflect it… Gotta wait till they do


I’m not doubting both of you in any means and I 100% believe you. I just would like to know where you got this information from?

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Simple my own software I wrote to get accounts data broke last night … Saw changed stuff on Insta. My guess they didn’t change to reflect the new stuff

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Same thing here on the other side of the world… I hope they are working to fix it.

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We’re fixing it as we speak! Hang in there


Thank you! Just received an email from you guys.

IGBlade is now updating again!


Are you sure? It did yesterday, but now it hasn’t refreshed for another 11hrs. What a pita.

Ya, also having that issue.

Some of my igpro accounts are working when I click through into it but it doesn’t when I have a daily/weekly/monthly view. Is that cuz the servers need to refresh?

Some are showing as normal.

If the account was tracked for less than 30 days than it wont show data for the 30 day period. You’ll have to wait for data to accumulate over time.

The refresh rate is now back to ~3hrs

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can personal accounts be added again? having trouble with non pro accounts

Yes, personal accounts can be added as normal

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I developed a tool that pulls in JSON data using cURL with PHP and it randomly is not able to pull the data in and I have been trying to fix it for the last 2 hours…

Another website I manage pulls in data from Instagram via a plugin that displays the last 12 posted images and this also stopped working, the developers posted a solution which worked for people and then stopped working a few hours later.

I literally was on chat with support to change my host IP because I thought Instagram flagged my host, but it looks like everyone just got fked…

If you have a solution (at least for the PHP code) please inbox me!

The issue is IP related, Instagram started to require login when accessing profiles from untrusted (datacenter/abused) IP addresses.
This is what prevented IGBlade to update the stats, but we finally managed to solve it.

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