IGBlade Shutdown Permanently

Sent an email to find out why. Probably a cease-and-desist issue.

Anyone know of similar alternatives?

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This really fucked up so much for me, was using this every day to run the biz.
Any alternatives welcome!

Also looking for alternative

Maybe because of this Social Analytics Platform’s Leak Reveals Data Scraping ?

Also looking for alternatives.

@SheriffWoody any news about this?

I’m looking for something similar to browse content per account with filters. Do you guys know any alternatives for that?

UP, Also looking for alternative

Some alternatives that are worth checking are owlstat and ninjalytics but truth be told, igblade was better optimized for agency needs

Thanks @Didraro I will check those two out :pray: :pray:

Yeah it was a cease and desist which is a shame.

I’ve been suggested a few alternatives, all of which don’t allow reports to be sent from your own domain. (Owlstat allowed this but the setup process was manual and took a lot of time).