IG's new search feature announcement. Thoughts?

We now would be able to put search queries and get IG posts as search results in addition to usernames, locations, hashtags etc.

It sounds like a game changer to me. What new services could emerge out? How would it impact existing growth tactics, SAAS tools in general?

where are you seeing this?

Link to official news on IG/FB?

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I would say it really depends on how this data is generated and how the posts are categorized. The feature goes in line with the explore page algorithm, so I am not surprised that they release this also for public use now.

A problem might be, that possible client accounts are normally all over the place and might not be categorized properly. This of course assumes that your clientele is niche specific and not all over the place.

It will be an improvement for some niches, for sure.

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Didn’t get it. Could you elaborate please?

if they actually enable that for everyone it will be a game changer for everyone getting back the hashtags and locations will be very helpful in filtering and targeting a very specific audience.

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Can you elaborate please? :sweat_smile:

Good for people writing good content on caption maybe
not me

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so now does it means it will be mostly based on what caption have as keyword cuz on fb its the case
also can we figure on top of many different searches ? or just 1

I already use Instagram often as search engine instead of checking on Google, but of course, I don’t do that for all topics. For some niches this change can be beneficial, let’s see how it will go.

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What things do you search on IG?

Usually private stuff, not business-related. When I want to get some ideas about interior design, recipes, when I want to buy something, etc. This kind of stuff. :slight_smile:

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what I meant is that hashtags and locations are very helpful when filtring audience (users to follow).

Filtering audience for follow-unfollow?
Are you referring to its usage in jarvee?

not just in Jarvee but in general, it would be helpful in search queries and sources filtring.