I'll create your website/ shop / blog for free

hello there

yes as you read im a web dev and facing a lot of struggle to find clients so if you want me to make your site my only condition is to use my affiliate hosting link thats all and of course ill make you a good site & make sure you’re satisfied

if you’re interested just reply on here or shoot me a pm

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Hey thanks for your contribution and it’s amazing that you’d like to do this for free.

Even if you’re doing it for free I’d like to give you a tip here that it would be usefull to put your portfolio on here or simply 2 or 3 links to websites you made previously.


hey thanks a lot for the tip

infact my situation its way complicated to explain especialy its has more personal kinda secret but well to resume this i used to work in small firm making websites in my country and for now i’ve none

to assure everyone out there the hosting im affiliated with has 30 day money back garanted so yeah but of course you will never be in this situation cus i’ve 2 years experience and to be honest only those kind of clients who says i i dont wanna black followers whom i may have issue with LOL

Me please if you can

sounds good… well. what is monthly subscription fee for hosting?

Nice im interested. Do you do landing pages too?

sure i can just drop me a pm with what you want

well its around 100 $ or more for one year with free domain its bluehost

I’m very interested too.

shoot me a dm with your project details