I'm a newly appointed marketing/social media manager - HELP!

Hello! :wave:

I’m Helen, and I’ve been an Online Community Manager for the last few years (I :heart: Discourse!)

My partner has recently founded a SaaS company, and I said I would help him with the marketing and social media, whilst he focuses on the product. I love writing and creating content, so I thought why not! :writing_hand: :books:

However, I’ve never done anything like this before, and I’m not really sure where to start!

We’ve decided we’ll launch with LinkedIn and then maybe branch out to Twitter/X and maybe TikTok. I am in the middle of drafting welcome emails. And once the website is live, we’ll start working on the SEO pieces (joint effort coz my partner is a website wiz, but I can help write content etc). :computer:

Is there anything I’m missing? Has anyone got any top tips for when you are starting out and launching a brand new company?

Thank yous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If this is isn’t the right community to post this in, please can you recommend somewhere else? :blush:


Regardless of the niche of the SaaS, you don’t want to miss out on Facebook Groups! They are a highly converting area of the Meta platform and it’s madly underrated.

In the groups you want to start making people talk about your product, so instead of going directly to advertise it like “hey guys, we have this SaaS”, you would want to go with topics such as “hey, anyone tested this SaaS yet? We just discovered it and it seems like a mad deal, but we would like to ask others about their experience with it first in order to make the best possible decision”

By doing that, you will switch the advertising phase from being aggressive towards spamming the brand like everyone to being smart and controling how and how nice people are talking about your product. Plus, you can make it look more serious.

Having regular content on brand pages will also greatly increase conversion rate.

You also want to engage a lot with your community so you also need a Facebook Group where you post future update logs. Also, in your facebook group you will want to ask your customers to highlight all the bugs everytime so you can fix them ASAP and give them the best possible experience using your product.


Thanks for this!

I admit I overlooked Facebook, but I love the less aggressive selling technique of asking people what they think of a product. Guess we’ll need some friends to give us a hand seeding the content?!

I’ll keep you posted on the journey :smiley:

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Best of luck, marketing is what makes or breaks the service/product.

As mentioned above, Facebook is a good platform for both subtle advertising in groups and targeted AD campaigns.

I’m sure you know, but the site should already be built with SEO and Technical SEO in mind rather than being implemented retroactively which would be a lot harder.

Looking forward to future updates of the journey!

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Thanks @lucky.sparks

I have some awareness about sites being built with SEO…but I’m not quite sure of the technicalities of it all. What kind of things should be on the site already? And what’s the difference between SEO and Technical SEO? :sweat_smile: Like I said, complete newbie to all of this :upside_down_face:

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Hey @HellyWelly93
Best of luck with your endeavor.

As someone who’s been in this business for a decade, having seen maybe 50 companies built up from scratch, I suggest that you put your SEO agenda in the background. SEO is a long-term tool whose results will start to become visible in 7-10 years. As a manager of a new company, you’d have better luck in short-term marketing strategies like Instagram Ads, Facebook groups, etc.

As a business strategy, I’d suggest to invest in opportunities whose results will become visible twice the timeline you have been in the business. Following this strategy and assuming that the results of an aggressive SEO-strategy will yield results in 7 years, I’d start thinking about it only once I have spent 3.5 years in the business.

Best of luck.


While I agree with what @abbecain said in regards to short-term marketing strategies, SEO can’t be neglected neither. And it’s not entirely impossible to highly rank in SERPs within a reasonable timeframe even in competitive niches.

@HellyWelly93 On-page SEO would be optimized content and HTML source code, off-page is external sources and backlinks. Technical SEO covers backend structure and foundation of the website, that’s why it becomes a huge burden to implement retroactively when your platform has expanded beyond its initial scope.
In short, it focus on making it easier to read for search engines and good user-experience, such as:

  1. Mobile friendliness
  2. Website speed
  3. Having HTTPS
  4. Having a sitemap / making it crawlable for SE and possible to index pages
  5. Having good URL structure
  6. Not having duplicate pages / content
  7. Having the proper redirects and error pages

These are some of the main things

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Thanks @abbecain - I had heard that SEO takes a long time to come to fruition but I’ve never considered putting it on the back burner completely! We’ll definitely look into running some ad campaigns once we’ve launched :smiley:

Thank you for the list @lucky.sparks. That makes it so much clearer to understand. I was looking to see if we could get listed in some directories which would count as the backlinks. And for optimised content, that would be looking at the “key word” checker and writing content that would match, right?

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Happy to help.
BL’s from directories relevant to your niche are always good as the directories usually have high DA/DR.
Yes, optimized content refers to content designed specifically to rank in SERPs and attract organic traffic. It requires the keywords that your target audience would be searching included in the title/headings/body/meta description and URL where it fits in naturally. Prioritizing quality over quantity though.


Thank you @lucky.sparks!

We’ve finally been recognised by Google :partying_face: Now just to work on that keywords piece :smiley:

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Congratz, happy to hear! AI’s like ChatGPT can be a great help with copywriting, especially if you learn about prompt engineering a bit. If you do create articles like this, just make sure to give it a thorough proof-read / human touch so it reads well and isn’t labeled as AI content by search engines :slight_smile:


Yes! Definitely going to improve my AI prompts :smiley:

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For Saas its better to focus on linkedin 100%. You dont want to start spending money on Meta unless you have big pockets.

I would check out SAAS subreddits probably the best for marketing tactics for SAAS

cold email is the quickest and best ROI I find, social and SEO still valid but take time to see results