I'm buying Instagram accounts which already have a good trust score

Hello, I need Instagram accounts which already have a good trust score. I’d be needing these accounts constantly , so i’m looking for a serious provider. Account can be empty , with 0 followers, no posts, but it must have a good trust score already. Please , send me PM with the offers, thank you!

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What do you consider as a good trust score if accounts are empty, without followers and posts?

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Accounts last more than 1 month, accounts view 3-5 stories, follow 1-3 users everyday. Does these have a good trust score? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Well, a good trust score - account doesn’t get banned quickly, like only after a month or so. The only thing i will be doing with the accounts is - i will be following back people , like 5-10 people a day and sending DM to these people with a spyntax, that’s all. So i need them to not get banned after 1-2 days. If its get banned after a month, then account is really good.

Would you do it manually or automatically?

I think with these low amount of actions you should be able to build up a good trust score on any account :sweat_smile: Maybe add some more random actions and realistic automation and you’re good to go with any account.