I'm getting 75% less views on Instagram stories. Has anybody else seen a decline?

I wouldn’t say they are not interested, try going live, try being interactive as said before. Make some
Polls etc :slight_smile:

Instagram will be moving the same way FB is has moved, no organic reach anymore on tags and stories unless you’ll pay the big bucks because FB traffic is expencive as fuck lately. (and i am not talking holidays here either, i am talking the general price of FB traffic)

So you better be ready for that hammer that is going to fall on all of us…

I’ve heard the same cries for years. “The sky is falling!” :wink:

Disagree tbh
1 of my clients has like 5000 followers and gets 2-3k story views EVERY time. He puts a lot of work into the stories though so…

It is not the sky is falling, but this shit is EXACTLY what happened to facebook fanpages, organic reach getting turned down slowly but surely, options that you are used too that are taken away unless you pay.

And what use do these fanpages have now?

Exactly, NOTHING, You can only reach your likes when you pay

But hey, don’t take my word for it, put your head in the sand and pray that it never gets that far as it did with FB pages, but knowing FB’s greed i don’t think that even the lord Jesus Christ himself can’t prevent this shit from happening.

And when it does happen, (and it will) don’t come here bitching about though… You were warned. :slight_smile:

This isn’t true again. I know people who still make quite a good living off of large fb pages. Agreed, it may be harder now and the algorithm may be working harder against you. But to say these pages are worth “nothing” in bold capital letters is quite extreme.

Not with organic traffic they don’t, if they tell you that they are blowing smoke up your ass, organic reach is almost nothing now…

I know as i still have a view big pages in popular niches (instead of knowing someone that does, feel me?), so you better get better sources of intel, but then again, you can keep on pretending that nothing is happening either way don’t come and bitch about it here.


reach and likes are down greatly. I think because Insta did many – many updates this month. Also – I remember this time last year – likes took a nose dive too, same pattern – december and many big western holidays slow things down. It picked up January back to normal levels ( whatever that means).
I have said it and @DaveNL mentioned here about insta becoming facebook like with reach dropping like a rock-- I have a new view about that I feel,
it will never be as bad as facebook unless Insta takes away one thing…
The explore page.
If I remember correctly – facebook never had a explore like feed – they can reduce the number of views for the explore feed yes, cut down reach. As long as it is there, reach and growth can be organic – never near the levels of a few years back , but it WILL still sustain organic growth.


Happened to me too! What’s up?