I'm getting 75% less views on Instagram stories. Has anybody else seen a decline?


It seemed that up until recently the Instagram stories feature was the last pure non-algorithmic part of Instagram. But I only recently noticed that stories don’t show up in chronological order anymore. But not only this just recently my view count dropped dramatically.

Which is strange because my feed engagement has only gone up and up. Are the algorithms used separate? Has anybody else seen a decline and what are some tips to keep instagram story views high?


I’ve noticed a drop on some of my client accounts (but not a 75% drop). Stories stopped being chronological quite a while back. It defaults to showing you the stories of people you see/interact with regularly first.

You can try getting people to interact with your stories - Put in polls, put in movement/interesting stuff that will make people tap/pause your story, ask for replies (caption this story, recommend this thing, etc), and so on. Theoretically it should get your stories back to the top.


Solid advice, thanks for the tips


Cheers! Tell me if it helps!


My engagement reduced drastically after instagram deleted one of my videos. Please any idea on what I can do?


Agreed with @lazerlight. Polls has way more views and responses than a normal story. Adding stickers seems to do better too.


if you have insights, see if many exit your stories. Often the main reason stories are not seen if you have decent likes on posts is because the stories are skipped…and hence instagram does not feed toward top


I am not sure if it’s the poll that helps… but I normally get 1,000 on average views on Instagram.
But now, after adding 3 polls since last week, it went up to these:

So I am not sure if it’s the poll though.


We have 7k follower on our personal account and normally get 600-800 views.
Yesterday we suddenly got 2.000 views…
No idea what is going on…


Yesterday! Right?!? Like what happened?!?


Pretty sure it’s not only the polls, but the polls would definitely indicate to Insta that your story is engagement worthy. How many interactions did you get on the polls?


We have no idea…
For the new stories we are now at 1k. So still much better than normal.


Polls are with the 6K.


No, I meant how many voters you got on the polls.


My one has always been fairly low for 24k followers. Any effective tips on how to increase it?


Could you give more context? Try writing up a post on it…


alright, i will do just that


I had 50-100 votes LOL but the views for 80% consistent. The tap or swipe ups are low too unless it’s about give aways. LOL


50-100 votes for 4k-6k views seems low to me… but as long as you fool insta into improving your views, that’s all you can ask for! :smiley:


I have 5600 “followers” have never gotten more than 200 views and no more than 30 votes. People are just not interested in me?