I'm in dire needp of help! My (very first) Client is panicking!

Hi Guys, I hope someone can help. I have a Client going since 1 month without problems and now Jarvee says it needs a phone verification. My Client can’t find her account, and me neither… It’s not listed on Instagram anymore(?) She’s panicking.
She says she has not received any email or text messages.
How do I solve this? Has her account been deleted??

Please Help!
Thank you

I’ve had this issue before, I just remember waiting and it resolved itself

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She needs just to log in her account new. Than she will receive a notification to phone verify afterwards the account is visible again.

If a PV is needed IG Hides the account till PV is done

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I can’t find her account on Instagram and neither can she…

When you receive sms verification your account get disabled temporarily until you verify your phone number.
No need to panic, just ask your client to provide you with the code she received on her phone and verify the account everything then should be OK


She says she didn’t receive any code or email. BTW I was running very conservative settings.

Don’t panic - Yeah just grap a phone and try to log in her account :wink: and you will see what I mean :wink:

Just do as advised

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ok will try thank you

Login from your local 4G or ip address and resend the code this time she should receive it.

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Lots of our clients received this today - deleting the app and reinstalling will help if the code isn’t sending.


Thanks for all the quick responses guys.
The crisis has been averted!
I am relieved.