I'm interested in learning about the Pay Per Lead model of running a social media marketing agency

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any experience with the pay per lead model of running a digital marketing agency? I’ve heard good things about it and that it’s a good way of landing big clients because you don’t have to convince them to pay retainers. Dan Wardrope sells a course about this model called the alternative facebook agency.


Do you have the course?

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7800 for the program. big ticket

You can start slowly, you also need to higher some developer who is good to tracking leads. There are two type of tracking, first is pixel tracking(which means when someone buy something from your client site and see the last order page, then pixel fire on that page, and you can confirm that you got lead from your promotion link) and second is server side tracking, which mostly CPA ad network are using it for more accuracy, and I’ve no idea about it. But you can ask for volumm.com about what’s that, and they might help you.

What generally pay per lead is actually your client is ready to pay money based on how much leads/sell he/she is getting with your promotion method. It’s win-win for both of you guys. Your client is not wasting money for just advertising which doesn’t get any sale, also you can ask for better payout for your lead. If you’ve knowledge and do many test then you can get a very good conversation ratio with few clicks.

Though I don’t know what’s you want. Lead can be anything. Let’s say you’ve social media account on fitness niche, and you’ve lot’s of followers, and you made some simple form(let’s say google form) and then you ask your followers to put their information in return something(may be some ebook or tips or giveaways anything which get good result). They put their information like full name, their weight, their city names, their email/mobile numbers…Such a detail you can sell to big company, now I don’t know how you’ll do that. You can even sell such a details to a big Facebook marketer who will use that information to create custom audience ads, which means they will add their emails address and those ads will only see by that guys, it’s super targeted for any Facebook marketer and they might pay you well for that.

There are endless thing about lead marketing. and I know only few things. So better to learn more yourself, but no course will teach your everything.


The issue with these models is

Your knowledge isn’t valued
Your time isn’t valued
You become an affiliate
The client will never value the cost of the lead the same as you do
If the paid ads don’t work, you pay for it
The client has input over the ads


If those issues are valid, then we will not see many affliate/cpa marketing business now a days. It’s robus system, because client pay for permanence, not for ads creation, which anybody can do it now a days. It will continue to work, because it’s test your knowledge. The problem is client still prefer marketer who promote their goods for cheap money, they don’t think about performance based marketing.


No, I don’t man. I’d like to get it though.

Yeah, from what I’ve learned of the system you make a deal with a client for leads. For example, you say I’ll get you 100 leads a week and set a price for the lead for example $50. The client pays for the advertising budget and your job is to get good quality, which is done through having an advertorial or quiz, which weeds out the bad leads. The leads are gathered using unbounce for a landing page and are sent directly to the client, so that they can act on them immediately before they go cold. It’s all down to the quality of the leads, if the quality is bad the company will not be interested anymore. Another good thing is you run campaigns from your own advertising page and landing pages etc. so if the client drops you or can’t take all the leads, you can move on to another company. Yes, you can lose money if you can’t generate leads under the price you are selling them for, but you can also stop the campaign if you’re going to to too far in debt.

I’ve talked to Dan, his course of basically a Facebook ads course with some landing page templates, it’ll work, but you’ll never land the big clients

My clients pay £600 per day (min 4 days pm) and most have been with me for years.

I recently had Groupon as a client for 7 European countries, totalled £1.2mill a year in fees, we had to build tools and hire lots of staff, we took their sales from £800k to £6mill, we couldn’t have delivered those results growing with a CPA model.

Going with the CPA seems fine Great on the face of it, but what happens with an algorithm change and your strategy doesn’t work? Work with no income.

Build relationships based on trust, strategy, partnerships and results and they’ll last years rather than months.


Wow! That sounds great man. Well done! My trouble is client acquisition. I’d love to hear more about how you get those kinds of clients. I understand if it’s a trade secret though.

sorry man, I don’t have either.

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No worries bro

Interested in starting this course too. I’ve just downloaded his course. Will start it soon :slight_smile:

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Could you share with the rest of us please.

Sure, I got it from this link

Hope it helps you all :slight_smile:

Tried that isn’t working.

Are you sure? The download is a bit tricky to find but once you download and unzip them all it’s there. I downloaded it myself earlier.

Yep the download went through but then it gave me a error message. Would you mind sharing with us the one that you download it, I would appreciate it.

What error did you get? Did you try extracting all 3 together?

how is the course ?