I'm looking for 50,000 observers to buy!

Hello, how in the subject, I need to buy 50,000 followers, of course, a gradual addition.
The point is that the client, after explaining everything to him, wants to buy about 50k-70k followers anyway.
He wants the followers to be a little real, to have some pictures on their profiles, and that Instagram doesn’t remove them so quickly and he also wants a low price, if possible.
I am asking for your suggestions, I will be grateful or help where I can buy these followers directly at a low price :slight_smile:

A “little” real and low price with 50K follower? Not gonna happen.
Any sort of SMM panel will deliver you the usual fake followers your client wants/is willing to pay for.

I would strongly suggest against this if your client cares about the account and I wouldn’t compromise on it. He will blame you for sure if anything happens.

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Smm panels have upped their game lately. Most fake followers they deliver look semi real, as insta tend to shut down those who really look bad. No picture, no bio etc.
Use JAP or Followiz as they seem to be cheap and do the job for you.
But it will definately kill ER. But hey the costumer wants it, the costumer gets it.

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