I'm looking for an expert to grow my instagram account

Hello, I used to be one of you. :slight_smile: I was a person on J**vee for a bit, happily grew my account up to about 3000. Then in July, Aug, Sept, I started getting all the blocks and what not, week long to 2 weeks long blocks, all kind of action blocks, and it got pretty complicated and from there. Sooo, I now would like to ask, who can provide the service for me to grow my account in followers and engagement? (mostly important is followers to me, would love to see it hit something like 20k one day). :smiley: If you can tell me your price rates, that would be great. I’m not as well-versed in automation as everyone else (I’m new to it) but would rather hand it off to an expert than run it myself and risk losing my account. Currently my account has been action blocked until Sept 23. I’m also not well-versed to what proxies and servers terms means and don’t have all the gadgets for mother-slave accounts, I’m just a college noob trying to grow her ig account. Thank you so much for anyone who responds here or privately. :heart_eyes:

Shoot me a PM

you can PM me I have some ideas :wink:

in which niche is your main account?

You can try to operate manually, not automatically.

lifestyle (fashion, food)