I'm looking for Somebody to grow my account!

Hi Guys! I decided to hire a account manager (dont need to create content or post, I’ll take care of that) , or someone who can skyrocket my numbers in the Pop Music Niche. I want to get more following and engagement, and get my post feature in the popular sections.
Please let me know if you guys could help and what is your cost.
Thank you!

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Hey there,

What are your goals with the account?

You just trying to resell or you actually make pop music and want to build up your brand?

Im trying to build up my brand. I have great content and music but very little reach.

Please post in WTB section. Also would be helpful to knew budget / allowed methods

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Got it. So I have something special that many other account managers don’t do. I’m not just saying this. Go ahead and do your research and talk to others on the forum.

I can help you grow your account like everyone else here. I charge $59/mo. for account growth only.

But my special added value is in automated messaging. I will help you craft a really strong message and send it out to all your new followers for you. These are people that have just started following you and recognize your name. You will write the message, and I will improve it and make it more marketing-friendly. We will put your link in there to get you more traffic and exposure to your music.

I’ve helped other artists with this same thing, and it works wonders at getting more streams and traffic to whatever music site you’d like.

It’s $20/mo. more for the messages, but damn, it’s worth it! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are interested, I can send you a private message

Ok what type of growth could I expect monthly?

More or less 1k per month
Depending on content quality, may be more and may be less.
Will always give you great service, that’s a guarantee :wink:

WTB section?

Want to buy and Looking for section. It’s in LVL2 so you don’t have access here. I’ll move it there in 24 hours so if anyone is interested, they’ll contact you via PM.

Bro no offence but pretty much everyone who offers IG management can do an automated message too. Kind of funny that you’re selling it as your „special added value“ :slight_smile:


Doing it and doing it effectively are two VERY VERY different things.

This is so true lool

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It is same in my opinion, sometimes it is reverse. This apply in finance(like baking, market, bond), corporate world and in online businesses, the more they use marketing friendly words in initial proposal the worst service they provide later. Just talking from my own personal experience :smiley:

But you might be VERY VERY different from others :wink:

Hahaha that’s a good point YodaMaster. I agree with you in most cases in the finance world.

But on the other hand, how can you find the real one’s who actually make a difference?

I can guarantee your account’s growth UP TO 100,000 monthly organic followers, but prices will vary for different range of followers depending on what numbers you’re looking to grow monthly. Expect paying somewhere in the 4-digit for 5,000 followers monthly as it’s not your usual throw into a cookie cutter growth service. It’s more expensive for me to handle HIGHER amount of targeted followers growth monthly, but however my price will stay reasonable fair to the stated above pricing.

I’ll not require your account’s login to perform growth(sounds like I’m buying fake followers), but I’m not. I’m performing fan pages growth method with specific target within your niche, if you want to target a higher percentage of followers from the 1st tier country such as “US” or any other targeting etc, it’ll require additional budget for me as I’d need to churn lots of time & data in my own filtering.

Yes I agree, there’ll be a lot of people that are going to saying my service is not cheap. But however do keep in mind your main account will not suffer and consequences if anything were to changed in IG’s algorithm. If you’re prepared we can talk about it, else I wish you the best in finding your perfect service that will suit you.

Ill grow your account, $150/mo…

Let me know :slight_smile:

How much for that?

Im very interested. Ready to Pay. What is the best way to contact you?

Hi there, can I get in touch if this service is still available?