I'm new here but more than 8 years of experience


Hi guys, I’ve been in the IM for nearly 8 years in which i could collect experience form a lot of IM sectors.
I was and am (even if less now) a loyal user on a well know forum (which I’ll not mention) regarding these topics. I randomly found this forum and due to some quality post I read and a nice community I choose to subscribe and be active (second forum in 8 years, I’m peaky).

Hope to share and learn!
See you around guys!


Hey welcome! This is an incredible forum with a really supportive community. Looking forward to reading your posts!


Welcome to mpsocial!


Crazy some have been on the IM game for 8 years - I was barely allowed on the computer back then haha



I have been in IM on and off since 2007 :wink:


Hope you enjoy the community, here there is a lot of great content.


Welcome to MPSocial :slight_smile:


Welcome to the goon squad


Welcomeeeeee dewd!


Welcome ! So much value here :wink:


welcome and good luck!


Nice to addition to the forum I’m sure :slight_smile: Welcome mate.


Welcome to the community!


Nice to have a new member with 8 years of experience. Looking forward to hear some of your stories :slight_smile:



luckily my parents were open minded and technology oriented.


@sairos welcome to mpsocial! Feel free to tell your story :wink:


Welcome to the forum,

Please share your story, it would be a great help to all of us.


is this a competition about who started before? Because if it is I’d like to get out of it. I personally know some guys new in the industry that are making more money than some people who started years ago.


Welcome to MP hope you stick around!


Welcome @sairos :smiley: