I'm new here. I need help with "proxies"

So I’m new to Mass Planner, but I’ve been doing social/CPA marketing for a couple of months now. My primary traffic is from the 3 Instagram accounts I run. The only area that I have questions about is: Proxies.

My questions are: What exactly do proxies do for me? What are their importance? Should I be using proxies if I have multiple Instagram accounts on the same phone? Where can I get quality proxies if I needed them?


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Hey, thank you for showing me the right way around this site.

I took it upon myself and learned all about proxies, but I have one more problem. I purchased 10 proxies from one of the trusted sites listed on here, I don’t know if I’m setting them up correctly.

Whenever I enter a proxy in the proxy settings, my account forever stays on “Initializing”. I was told that I don’t need a proxy username/password, but may that be the problem? I have no clue what I’m doing wrong, if you may please assist me once again.

Thanks so much.

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Go to the proxy manager tab and see what it says.

Or just validate your proxy via a browser plugin.

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  1. Is the proxy showing a Valid status in Proxy Manager?

  2. Which social platform is this? You need to make sure that the proxy you are using is compatible with the social platform you are attaching it to.

Edit: My bad, this is for IG, right? Go to Proxy Manager and re-verify the proxy using the URL https://www.instagram.com/, see if it comes up Valid.

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Here I am again with my replies that shows I like saving money (stingy).

I am currently running 5 accounts on my phone with no problems whatsoever. At the same time, I also have those accounts loaded on MP.

Not using any proxies whatsoever. But so far, everything’s good. :slight_smile:

I’m using my home IP, accounts are manually created using the same phone I’m running them on, and everything’s a-ok.

I would say, if it’s a small-time operation (like mine), stick to using your home IP. But if it exceeds 5 accounts, then definitely get yourself some proxies.

Or if you want your accounts to “be in a certain country” then you need proxies as well.

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Said the guy providing thousands of PVs with an army of VAs lol


No, man. I mean my IG+CPI project.

It is a small-time operation. :smiley:

Unlike y’all who are managing thousands of accounts, I’d be lucky if I ever reach 500. But that’s my goal.