I'm new to this way of marketing

Helllo users.

i’m new to this platform and wanna learn more about slave growing and how to set up my first slaves. i’m doing Instagram now for a while but never saw this before :sweat_smile: is their maybe someone how can help my or teach my how i can setup my first couple of slaves.

All the support is welcome.

Do you plan on using an automation tool and sending DMs using your slave accounts?
I’d suggest you follow this journey:

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Thanks for the shoutout! I will say this method is really hard to start and manage, but the benefits are rewarding. Here are some suggestions if you want to try this method:

  • Be prepared to spend a lot of money
  • Tests test tests on everything
  • Read everything on MP Social about digital footprints, account creation, warming up, etc
  • Have an Excel file with accounts & notes for all accounts
  • Utilize tags in Jarvee
  • Keep thinking why certain accounts are working better than others
  • Make your accounts ACT LIKE A HUMAN as much as possible