Im not gettin new followers by posting! problem!?

i used to get about 10-20 new followers per new post
since i hit 800+ likes on one post from engagement group (my avg is 100-200 organic)
(+the 800+ post didnt get shadow banned) uploaded since then 2 new posts, i dont getting new followers from them :open_mouth:
i dont know whats up im lookin manually the hashtags i tag my posts apear, but no new followers
whats up with that? :open_mouth:
is this something has to do with massive engagement i drive to my profile or something?
what i have done wrong?im confused :confused:

It’s maybe just a coincidence. Keep posting and see what happens in next few days. 2 posts is too small sample to judge by it.

im getting follow backs, when i follow someboddy and im getting few followers from shoutouts
but 0 from posting, ill check it further :confused: