I'm suddenly getting "big" followers, not sure why

On my personal IG account, I’m suddenly getting about 2-3 new followers /day who are somewhat “big-ger” (they have 30K-50K followers).

I checked on Social blade and also googled some of the names and pics. These are real ppl, and some of them are “B” celebrities, they are somewhat famous in their field either here in the US or in Italy (where I’m from).

They range from Yoga instructors to chefs, to bloggers, to actors…so they appear not related, not a specific niche.

I haven’t used my personal IG for anything else besides posting my stories and pics, using 3-4 hashtags per post max…not trying to monetize or even grow this account for that matter.

Not sure why these semi-important ppl are starting to follow me. I’m a guy, and most of these followers are girls, about 75%, so there’s that, but I’m just curious on how they find me and why they follow me, since I got nothing super special on my IG.

Most importantly, I want to see if maybe there is something that I’m currently doing (and not aware of) that I can use to replicate this on my business accounts.

Thoughts? @Adnan @euhero


Likely using follow/unfollow and copying someone elses followers as a source. I’ve had like 5 60k-70k accounts follow me, all from Norway when I befriended someone else from Norway. They were copying his engagers.


Yes, they do follow/unfollow :frowning:

Hi tiramisu, Don’t Afraid of this type of changes in Instagram. Now according to the latest trends, people follow/unfollow to maintain their followers on particular channels. They likes your post activity and they follows you from your friends suggestion lists.