Image Rehasher for more security


We all know and experience a day by day development on the social networks and how they try to restrict the number of signups that a user can do, one of these restrictions are the profile images which can ban your account and delete it immediately once a profile image uploaded.

ofcourse there are lots of scripts and software that can alter the MD5 for your image, but still i guess its not enough anymore with all these development social networks do day by day, and we all know that Facebook has one of the most sophisticated software on the world for image recognition.

so here is a small software that change image information on pixel level (making variation of image by changing its color without real notice of these changes).

  1. download the .ZIP file
    Virustotal Scan

  2. in that .ZIP file you will find 2 programs “Image Rehasher.bat” & ImageMagick 6.9.5, install the ImageMagick-6.9.5-5-Q8-x86-dll.exe as the image rehasher depends on it and will not work alone.

  3. convert your image to .JPG, i use XnView which is free to download and its a great program for doing bulk action, like bulk converting and renaming.

  4. rename the image you want to convert to (image.jpg), but the rehasher in the same folder as the image and run it.

  5. the program will generate different copies of this image, every one has random pixel changed.

Extra Step: also do the MD5 changes after doing this step, as social network add layers of security, you have to add levels of deception :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
you can use this small program which change images MD5 in bulk

virustotal scan:

pls note: i’m not the creator or programmer of these software, i just found them and i find it useful to share with this great community members.


I have one question, If we resize or bulk cutting the image, does it make the image unique?

To be honest i don’t really know. No one knows what level of technology or software the social networks do. So for me i like to extremly cautuios. Cause i like to kerp my accounts live as long time as possible.

Thanks for the share @navarisun9630 . Please do also add a virutotal scan of the those files so everybody knows they are safe.

Also, in case you did not know Mass Planner does that automatically with all pictures uploaded on your profiles :wink:

Wooow its first time to know that mass planner have this option

@Johnny Does MP do this for twitter headers/profile pictures as well?

well since there’s no tool to automatically edit the account info, no it doesn’t do that, it’s only for ig as there people usually change profiles very often and instagram is very picky about that. For twitter it will only do this with posts if you enable that feature.

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How do you mean with this? All pictures uploaded on your profiles using Campaigns or Repost/Change cover and profile picture? Or both :slight_smile: ?

All images uploaded through Edit profile (for IG) are made unique. All reposted images are made unique.
However, to made images unique through campaign’s, you’ll need Post Unique Images extra module (it’s included in IG edition and Premium plan).

To post unique images through campaigns, go to Overview tab > Advanced settings and check Make Images Unique box.