Iman Gadzhi 6 figures smma Course


Hi everyone! I’m wondering if someone has Iman Gadzhi his 6 figures smma course
I will appreciate it.

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Already blocked and its just been 5 minutes lol. Can you reupload somewhere else?


How can I do that ?
I have downloaded the Videos


can you share it again? or maybe trough google drive


You could try Google Drive indeed and maybe PM them to us.


Also want if possible


How can I transfer it to Drive ? :sweat_smile:


Interested. For some reason this Iman guy struck me as someone who knows what he has been doing especially since he had a legit mentor who was doing similar online services or something. At least, I saw that in a video where he was talking about it


Go to google drive and upload the files and then share it with the link you got.


would be interested too :slight_smile: thank you


thank you but we didnt reach :slight_smile: can you upload again


Also really interested in this. Can you reupload please


@Gabriel_Neymar happy to talk you through uploading it somewhere or put it up somewhere for you if you DM me.


please also DM me very interested in this course . Many thanks my friend!!


interested too , would love it if you can DM if you need help on how to upload on gdrive let me know


any news fellas?


yeap, instagram management suck and died already=(


you have absolutely no idea

more clients for other companies I guess


the automation for growing is dead