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Hey guys

If this is the first time you hear our name, iMonetizeIt is Smartlink, CPA Marketplace and FREE tracker that allows to monetize all (100%) available WORLDWIDE traffic.

You have access to vertical-specific Smartlinks: Dating (SubVerticals for Instagram, FB), Sweepstakes, Cams, Games, Pills, Mainstream, Diet & Weightloss.

We work with all types of traffic: social, app, search, native, banner, email, push.

Advantages you will get working with iMonetizeIt:

  • Opportunity to get high payouts and exclusive offers;
  • The highest eCPM/EPC attainable for your traffic;
  • Global offer coverage - we accept 200+ GEOs, all devices and platforms;
  • Reliable payments ON TIME (Weeklies available) via Wire/PayPal/Paxum/Webmoney/BTC/Capitalist;
  • Access to accurate real-time stats and converting creatives/pre-tested funnels;
  • Personal Account Manager who is professional, helpful and responsive;
  • Free Tracker


It will be our pleasure to do business with each of you guys!


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Wow, it’s nice to see iMonetizeIt here :ok_hand:t3:
Been working for a few years with. One of the best networks with a SmartLink of a dating vertical. Definitely recommend!


Hey guys!

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Austria $141
New Zealand $108
Australia $96
Germany $91
France $72
Czech Republic $67
Canada $63

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different

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Canada $126.73
United States $90.81
France $88.60
United Kingdom $84.19
Poland $55.36
Hungary $43.57

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different

Useful update for Partners from iMonetizeIt!

Work with iMonetizeIt platform becomes more convenient with new browser extension. Just set up it with few easy steps - and you will get information about your balance directly in your browser.

Now you can monitor your Total balance and today balance in seconds.


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Country eCPM
Austria $148
New Zealand $111
Australia $108
Germany $99
France $92
Japan $67
Slovakia $66
Slovenia $60

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Wish you luck!

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I don`t understand why you need so much info to sign up, screen shots of people earnings, traffic figures and GEO data etc??

Usually its common request. All the cpa i worked with requested the stats of earning from other networks.
This way they just want to save a time and reduce number of scammers who may drive low quality traffic

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None I work with have but then i’ve been with then for years, maybe its a new thing but you`re correct its a good way to filter the wheat from the chaff, maybe not a network for newbies.

iMonetizeIt is pretty strict with their approval process (at least from my experience). They’ll request a huge amount of screenshots and GIFs to see if you’re experienced.

Better to start with different networks and once you make money with adult try to get approved and test their smartlink.

Fresh Top eCPM on Gay Dating vertical
Take any Geo tier 1 and your traffic brings unbelievable conversions and huge payouts, without doubts
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Country eCPM
New Zealand $129
Switzerland $128
Italy $110
Canada $104
United Kingdom $98
France $78
United States $73


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Useful update on iMonetizeit platform!

Meet Telegram bot - new personal assistant for every affiliate.

Our team keeps abreast of trends and tries to make your work with the platform more comfortable!

So what notifications will send the bot?

  • account login;
  • payment method addition/change/request creation;
  • offer activation;
  • offer cap change, payout change and offer stop;
  • inform about balance change, earning stats and more things;

Detailed information about setting of iMonetizeit telegram bot in FAQs

Special offers with huge payouts

Cool payouts and Geo Tier 1 - it’s your key to the successful campaign :slight_smile:

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8108 WEB WAP Eurospin (Without Prelander) SOI / IT 1.60 $

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7472 WAP WEB iPhone 11 (Spring Hills Theme) - CC submit / USA 24.00 $

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Country eCPM

Canada $143

New Zealand $139

United States $129

Italy $115

Czech Republic $109

United Kingdom $106

France $80

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Our AdulDating offers attract a lot of conversions and fulfil even the most fervent wish of the audience!

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6376 WEB+WAP LustSeek SOI - US/UK/AU/CA/NZ 2.00 $

6733 WEB+WAP LovinYoo SOI FR 2.40 €

Austria and New Zealand have taken the leading positions and give tasty payouts :wink:
Your task is simple, just run all the traffic on any Geo and our Dating Smartlink takes care for the best convert for you!

Country eCPM
Austria $133
New Zealand $108
Canada $72
Czech Republic $72
Hungary $64
Slovenia $61

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different.