(IMPORTANT) Sharing with your Page to Groups

Hi, i am now having doing a lot of shares with my page to generate engagement and traffic to it because i don’t know how to create fake accounts that last as you know how Facebook is very strict and ban mostly every fake account

Last 2 month i got huge reach drops , just simple question do you think all my shares with mypage to other related niche group can be the reason why i got this sudden drop in my reach ?

You have to warm up the accounts buddy.

So you say that i have to know how to warmup fake account instead of working with my personnal account because on Facebook i want to do only growth no spam , no cpa,no dropshipping i just want a big community then monetize it with sponsors nothing more

Warming up accounts is key.

and then what i do ? delete all my post i shared with personnal account to other niche groups , delete my page ? Or just link my page with the fake account and delete my personnal account from the page to let the the fake account be the admin for the page and group linked to my page ?