Importing json cookies

Is there an easy way to import json cookies into jarvee? I remember there used to be but now the cookies are jarvee specific.

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I also have the same question. I have bought some scrapers and they gave me something likes:
username|password|mid=YSWXCAABAAGw668muqDH8pizpL8C; ig_did=61D47627-D59C-428B-B3CB-DC8D176CD931; ig_nrcb=1;…
I don’t know how to import the third one (cookie) to Jarvee.

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Would be good if jarvee added more options for cookies. Api and json.

yeah, that would be great. I used to use a chrome extension called cookies editor to log in to the ig account that I bought by entering the cookies values manually, once i’m logged in i export the cookies, then import it in JV.

I don’t remember jarvee had this option. Was it in Advanced settings?

It was written in the text on the menu -Import cookies from json

This was over a year ago though like version 2.4 maybe. Didn’t know what json was back then

Hi @heroeslair,

Have you sent an email to Jarvee supporter to ask for this yet?

I sent them an email and they supported me on this well.
I need to prepare a text file with json format content, then import the file to JV.
It is working for me.

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Yeah, the issue is that I want to import 100+ at a time. So, would be so time consuming to do that.

Do you know coding? If yes, it’s just a minutes. :grinning:

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Nope lol. Wish I did.

Just using other accounts instead

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Send me a DM, I need your input and your expected output to check if I can help. :slight_smile: