Impossible growth for high profiles

After the wave of blockages, I started the activity on 5 accounts per test, each account has a number of followers ranging from 5k to 100k.

I’m noticing that only accounts that have less than 20k followers are able to regain some followers on a daily basis.

The rest fails to compensate, ending up always closing the day in negative.

I’m going crazy, I have chosen valid sources, but I can’t find a solution :frowning:

Do you experience the same problem?


Maybe try s4s with some influencers in your niche?

My sources are generic, unfortunately it is difficult to find niche sources these days.

Wait 2-3 weeks ya shadowed. Normal btw severely blocked accounts

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is it a creator account? If so, you can see if how many you are gaining and losing a day. Maybe it’s not you are not gaining but you are losing a lot as well as gaining so they are netting low?

yes, we say that the earning ratio is lower compared to the Followers loss :confused:

bigger account usually have bigger unfollow number everyday so if you can only follow 200/day now on all account and assuming followback ratio is the same, it’s harder to compensate for the bigger unfollowing number of the bigger accounts.

What other methods besides f/u are you implementing on those accounts?

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Does anyone have any idea what the ratio’s of 20k+ follower accounts are for F/UF? or engagement?
I know majority of people agree less than 200 follows a day w/ most recent algo update