Impression/views service

hii friends
before some days someone offered me a new service that give me “impression”
views to my story’s and to my posts
she said that it improve me engaging and revealing my posts to more people from my followers

what do you think about that?

Usually, I’m against these services. The majority of these impression/view/engagement boost services are ‘‘scams’’ (botted interactions).

Nowadays, Instagram value each profile differently (via all kinds of measures). For example, a profile that spends money on ads is more valuable for Instagram than an account that does a lot of spammy interactions. You can see it on your own, accounts with botted followers/interactions are performing poorly (growth/engagement).

However, I’ve seen services alike still delivering on the promise - and actually improving growth/engagement with the method you’ve mentioned. Nevertheless, these services are usually quite expensive - unreliable.

If I were you, I’d focus your vision & wallet on different growth methods.

Why do you need an increase of impressions in the first place?
If your followers are not engaging with your posts enough, then you need to ‘‘wake’’ them up.

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Agreed,Some people want more credibility and infact not some,all of the big celebs and personalities have fake interactions for sure and for them,this service is a must no matter what.

If OP is looking for credibility,go for it.

its not so expensive 45$ for s full month 1500 views for every post/story

this is y i stopped do actions from my main account
i only do actions from my slave accounts
and yes my account facked because all of this spammy action

i need to increase impression because IG fuck my impression because doing the FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW/likes for a long time
and im trying to wake up my followers but whit no secsec do you have some recommendations what to do ?
my contact is very good

i think i tried everything
i do IG PROMOTION 1000$ every month
i have 3 slave accounts do likes and following and send the people to my main account from the BIO
and now i try this impression/views service
but i don’t think its help’s

i open to more options if you can recommend…?

i don’t need new followers i only need to wake up my own followers like you said
but i don’t manage to do so :man_facepalming:

Yeah, that would be a first red flag - cheap = botted interactions. But hey, it’s your account - you can do whatever you want with it.

How many followers you have, or even better, may I see the profile? Feel free to PM me the link if you don’t wish to share your profile publicly.

Nevertheless, the low number of impressions would be a sign that your content is first shown to bots/inactive users. Therefore, these accounts won’t interact with your share. Thus, Instagram’s AI will ‘‘think’’ that the content isn’t a good quality/worth showing to a bigger audience.

You can ‘‘wake up’’ your followers by DM-ing them, creating quiz stories, etc. If they won’t respond or see your message, that means these accounts are most likely dead. Remove them from your following, and move on.

Speaking of removing followers, I’d remove all followers from your account that follow more than 1k people. These accounts are usually spam accounts (doing F/UF, CPA, other).

If you have more than a few thousands of followers. I’d recommend you to use Jarvee (with a different account & proxy), and scrape your followers, and then remove (the bad ones) manually. Remove those accounts slowly 10 - 25 a day.

The best & safest removal ratio (in my experience) is to remove a little bit less than your daily gaining number of followers. An example: you gain 25 followers a day, you remove 10-15 (with some ‘‘rest days’’).

I wouldn’t do that, those mass impressions and huge engagement from fake accounts are the easiest way for getting shadowban.

for now i use this service for 13 days
and its looks like its approve my impressions abit
but i not really shor about it im whiting for the end of the month to see if whit out the service i see improvement

i have about 23K and im in the jewelry nisha
i have about 71% followers from my country
and 75% woman for the total followers
i send you my page via PM to see …

i afraid to delete 1K followers because i know some costumers of mine have following more than 2K but understand what you saying

to tall the true i try to delete some of my shit followers in the passed 2 weeks
i delete about 2K manual
but i don’t see improvement to tall the true my impression down
maybe because i delete them fast ? about 200+ a day

and before a long time i delete about 3K to my friend account using JA and he said he did see improvement
but i delete him about 200+ in one day

maybe this is what i do wrong ?
and from you personal experience deleting shit followers improve you impression?