Improve story impressions on my account

I realize lately im getting super low story views, from 10% to 2% of my followers amount, my content its still the same quality so i dont know how to improve it. Any tips i can use for improve my story views/ engagement?

Is your overall engagement low or just stories?

Competition is getting better all the time so content needs to keep improving to stay on top.

is there anything different about how you are posting stories? time of day? frequency of posting? etc.

not really, pretty much the same frequency / time

im getting lower engagement also but stories are particularly low

@absolut Don’t worry too much, I have big accounts that I set up with the engagement groups and the commitment rate can fluctuate greatly depending on the period :slight_smile:

I’ve been puzzled by this too. I try asking users to “Turn on Story Notifications” but I’m sure many ignore that.

Are you using a hashtag in the story?

One of my clients is a blogger. She uses #mysouthernliving for example in her stories and gets 500 extra views from this alone

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Not using # at the moment, i will add too see if helps.

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tried that also some months ago, it didnt work at all

Yeah I have mixed experiences with using hashtags in stories. If they positively impact account health I’d used them(don’t know if they do) but they convert very very few followers from my experience so I honestly don’t bother with even adding them for the most part.

hashtags in stories results in - ZERO - new followers that was when I was using them.
Stories for my accounts took a hit also – I simply stopped using stories for now as they don’t seem worth to use.

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