Improve Twitter DM's to gain leads

I run 300+ Twitter Accounts and want to improve my DM’s.

  1. Should I only DM new followers (which I do)…I have strong filters and get only 0-5 followers/day so 0-5 followers/day per account to DM

  2. I use spintax for my Twitter DM and Reply (with coupon code)

I am not satisfied with the results that comes from the DM’s.

So what do you say, you want to DM users that are not your followers to increase the number of users you’re contacting?

We are not sure what’s your niche, because some niches may not get good results on Twitter, but maybe you are not targeting the right people, and you need to improve your targeting.

Also, you may need to improve the spin syntax message you are sending.

My target is very good. I think its the messages, I need to optimize.

Which method usually works to get clients on the website?

FIrst message without link of course. Maybe even without presenting the services? Just saying ‘‘Wow great what you do, Respect!’’ and if they respond ‘’ They get my reply message

What do you guys think?