In 3days i got so many PV HITS

in 3days i got so many PV HITS. anyone have same issue? im using 4g mobile.

How many accounts did you put per proxy? Maybe that triggers it. Multiple accounts detected on the same proxy.

same happened to me, 1 account per 1 ipv4 data center proxy around 40% PVA

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Which program are you using?

Which program are you using. Cuz the same thing is happening to me on FB . Also its not the ip. Its when you use the program to login.

what is PV ? ???


Phone Verififcation

This is due to the Instagram purge…

hoo so im also get it alot
but now 2 days i didn’t get it
i change my password and disconnect from some unfollow tool maybe it because of that

but i have another problem
i get action block after 20 - 40 follow
and i down below the 6000 im on 2500
and i do only 4 action per hour
but my unfollow is in about 7700 maybe it because of thet ?

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how many accounts per proxy you use and are these new or old accounts / are they in the warm up phase or full actions!
Remember what did you change before these PV hit!

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Jarvee 13 chars…

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it’s all the setting you use proxies you use and how much Instagram marks your accounts
if you ever use cheap proxies bad setting Instagram see all this and mark them!

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Its not even about the IP anymore. I have been testing this. If you login manually (vps ip) the account works fine. but the problem is when you use the program to login and do stuff on it. As soon as you login using the program you are hit with the PV.

So you say the problem with Jarvee?
My clients (proxy) don’t report to me any problems about PV

1 raw mobile for 10 account. and i still get many follow and like block

There are at least a handful of PV threads. Please stick to them instead of opening new ones.

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