In a day how many accounts i can scrap by using jarvee scraper tool?

Hello Guys

I am new here. Also, I trying to start jarvee. I want to Scrap and Do DM. Not need anything.

Can anyone tell me how many accounts I can scrap in a day without getting any API block or my accounts got get banned/disable

Also, Suggest to me how many DM I can do in a day? And what are the best settings?

I was using highproxy. 1 proxy for 2 accounts is this good?

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Well you will need two lots of accounts.

  1. Scrapers- You can scrape how much you want but you will need lots of good accounts and good settings.

  2. Dms are harder as they can be seen as spam. So, you will lose accounts if you go over the limits or use bad accounts.

The amount of dms is limited to your server/ laptop. If you have a big setup you can run 250api accounts. If its average then it will struggle with 100.

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can you suggest to me a good supplier who has good scraper accounts?

can you suggest to me a good supplier who has good scraper accounts?

Its a private seller

You can find out many suppliers on public marketplace
As I suggest
I have used @driulis @rose
And for me they have great accounts

On aged accounts, I set the daily limit to 25 DMs per day. On new accounts, you should warm up the accounts first for 1-2 weeks by doing other actions such as follow, unfollow, like. After the warmup process, start with low settings 1-5 DMs per day, and gradually increase the limit until it reaches 25 DMs per day.


Thanks for your suggession

I am never going over 20 DMs, even on aged accounts. When it comes to new accounts, as someone previously suggested, up to 5 DMs a day. And what’s most important, use strong spin syntax.

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