[In Search of] YouTube Courses

Hi All,

I’m looking to get into YouTube marketing and wanted to ask: Can anyone recommend good YouTube Courses to learn how to grow a channel, rank videos etc?

From reading old posts on this forum, I discovered that you could use the Comments tool to grow, but I don’t know if this is still accurate/efficient.

Any type of recommendation is greatly appreciated,


Watch Nick Nimmin for free, less fluff and better advice than most of the “Guru’s”

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My thread (if you have access) will answer any questions you have about YouTube marketing. Check it out here.

If you can’t access my thread, I recommend watching free YouTube videos from these creators (many of whom I’m acquaintances with):

  1. Derral Eves
  2. Roberto Blake
  3. Tim Schmoyer
  4. Sean Cannell
  5. Matt Gielen
  6. Nick Nimmin

Then, put everything into action, and you’ll have no problem achieving success on YouTube.


Thanks so much! Yeah, I don’t have access to it even as a lv2 member. Is that a lv3 topic now?