In This Sea Of Uncertainty

Hi all,

If you are looking for some positivity, please go on.

Sometimes IM and IG can be hard. IG changes every day. Sometimes we feel that we cannot make it. Sometimes what works today won’t work tomorrow. IG is evolving, and so is the world.

But you know, we are creating something for ourselves; each of us has a reason of doing IM. Whether it’s freedom, money or just by passion, we all have specific goals. Working hard and smart with a specific goal coupled with a specific mindset can lead to the results we want to achieve. Of course, there will be challenges along the way and there will be people around who would want to give up. Nonetheless, remember that anything worthwhile will not come that easy. Humans always adapted and will always adapt. We are survivors.

Now, even if this IG game changes, we will always find ways to continue surviving on it. We will test, implement and adapt. Through trial and error, we will know what works and what does not work; like we always did. Of course, this can be a short-term set back. However, nothing comes to him/her who does not try. I know it may sound cliché but as Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Nothing is over until we say it’s over.

Also, remember that we are not alone. Thanks to this community, together we strive and help each other. Even if the algorithm changes, even if the actions are even more limited, we will stand strong and be poised against adversity.

Anyways, just my two cents and I wanted to spread some positivity around.


Love the mindset. Keep focused on the destination while enjoying the journey.

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Are the mother / stave and shoutouts the last strategies for client management ?

Needed this thank you for the positivity

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Mother slave doesn’t look that good right now either. What worked before the 4th seems to bite back hard. Testing all day every day, but never have I ever burned through so many accounts in my life :open_mouth:


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Damn that sucks bro IG is being a lil bitch across the board.

Wow! That’s a lot of red. Yeah IG is being a bully these days…

oh wow, i’m sorry to see that bro.

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Just enjoy the proses. This is a journey not a sprint


Whatever we are doing, don’t ever give up, always find a way around what doesn’t works and overcome it. Those that doesn’t give up always have the final laugh isn’t it? Stay hustlin’ MPSocial fam!


can you please elaborate what did you do in the 12h before all this ban’s and pv’s happened
did you reset ID’s or did a bulk change …!
dude s*** happens i definitely lost like a +2k accounts in the last 12 months now but it’s part of the game you make mistakes and you learn
the last mass ban i got i did reset Devise ids on bulk and got mass ban that got 250 accounts with unique sim cards numbers Banned do you know how much work and time that is
but i don’t take it personal its a game

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Curious about the circumstances here also. Were you using mobile proxies on all of them? Were they all on different IPs?