Inactive account/ dead account

Hi there,
Just starting reusing a small account that was totally inactive. It has 3400 followers, but a reach on posts of 400-600 and 100 views max on stories.

What recommendations can you give me to revive it? Or is it better to start from 0?

Thanks :heart:

You can still use and grow that account.

What you can do is this:

1- start with following users and stories viewing low settings noting crazy, do that for 2-3 days

2- do a few unfollows after that and keep the following and story viewing for another 3-5 days

3 -starting posting, maybe 1-2 post a day max, post some stories as well and like a few other users posts afterward

then you can keep scaling up from there and see the results, you can increase your settings up every 2-3 days and see how it goes

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