Inconsistent likes in first 30 minutes

This happened to my last post that in the first 10 minutes I got 200 likes which is normal. However in 20 minutes I checked my post again my likes are only 280. So in that 20 minutes my post only received 80 likes but in the first 10 minutes it got 200.

Because the first 30 minutes matter the most for a post so my last post completely tanked. What would have caused this?

It means your audience didn’t like this particular content as much. Simple as that.

Thank you for the reply. However, If my audience didn’t like this post why does my engagement in the first 10min still decent, it only starts to tank the next 20 minutes which confuses me.

Honestly, the first 30 min is the best predictor. But at the end of the day, the post ended up getting less likes, right? It’s because your audience didn’t enjoy it as much.

Rate of likes first 10 min hasn’t been accurate for me to judge a post, unless it was egregiously fewer likes than average

I see, If it’s solely because of the content that’s understandable as I posted something different than what I normally post. Just want to make sure there isn’t anything that’s hindering the post’s exposure for some reason.

Yeah, that’s probably what it is. That’s good you tested some different content though

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