Incorrect proxy geolocation

I hope I’m not off topic. I purchased an Italian social proxy from High Proxies, to be used for Instagram via MP (on VPS). Although the proxy is in Italy, Instagram recognizes it in Ecuador. High Proxies says that everything is fine for them and that it is probably a provider problem: “This is not a proxy issue / problem, some providers may use old our incorrect geolocation info”. Anyone have any idea what this means and how I can fix it? I have never really connected from Ecuador in my life


Has this happened often or just once? Because we noticed this glitch also before. We are using UK proxies but the location that IG recognized is very far from it. If it happened once that could be a minor glitch of IG but if it happened for a few times better change your password just to be safe from hacking.

How many accounts do you run using those proxies? and did the case happen to your other accounts too?

Only one account is connected on that proxy. Now I have tried to use the same proxy with a different account and that is also located in Ecuador

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The only way to find out is you can search where is your IP located “” if it shows Italy not sure if its IG bug or system glitches but if it shows a different location well you to report it to them.

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I have been talking to a lot of people that have these Problems.
For me i had it with German Proxies (that are in Germany!) displayed as “China” as a location.
There is no database that shows that the its are in that location but Facebooks / Instagrams.

My Guess:
Somebody used the IP with Facebook / Instagram in the Mobile App and Facebook / Instagram updated the Location to the Phone’s location. Because it only happens when you login with the Browser. If you login with an actual phone the location is the Phone Location.

You have seen that with Tiktok as well. They read out your SIM card Location when you login to show you the ForYou Page of that Country.

Also Instagram / Facebook uses their own geolocation feature so all the “where is my IP address” Websites are basically useless in this instance.

I did not try it but maybe you can change the location back if you actually are in that country and use the mobile app with it.

But as i said. I checked almost all the “Ip Location Databases” that come up in the first 20-30 Google Searches for that topic and there is a lot of confusion. Hope that helps

I opened this link through MP’s internal browser, the same one from which it connects to instagram, and the geolocation is Rome. So I don’t understand why according to instagram I am in Ecuador

Thank you for this information. I use instagram on MP via a vps. In this case, should I report the problem to the company that manages the vps then?

This is a problem with Instagram for more than 3 years. It very often detects the wrong location. And this is good, since I can safely use my proxies and work in other countries.

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Sorry I did not understand. I am in Italy and I have purchased an Italian proxy. Nevertheless, instagram (via vps) geolocates me in Ecuador

It is ok. It’s just that Instagram itself doesn’t work that well. Sometimes this happens, there is nothing terrible here

I use my own 4G proxies and IG always says I’m in different cities around New Zealand. Helps a lot when rotating. It never says I’m in a different country though and I use an American server.

What you can do is try using another proxy for another provider and see if the issue persists.

For me it was only on Datacenter Proxies

You could report it to your VPS but It does not really matter because its not a problem on their end. They just provided you with a Server with an IP Adress of that country.
The History of that IP Is irrelevant to them.
Its a IG Problem that they are having problems with their database.
for me it only happened with datacenter proxies tho.
And 100% never with Residential (Because that are the ones that actual people are using in their homes and that would be real bad)

I actually believe that it has something to do with people using the IP in other countries and IG Database not being updated correctly and them maybe only updating it If somebody uses the original App with Geodata enabled to update it or something like that.

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Yeah mine are never from a different country as I use my actual sims in 4G proxies